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Making a Turn Down Bolt for your A4 Clone

You can make a turn down bolt for an A4 clone.
Here is how to do it in six simple steps.

Step One - Cut off the handle.

My Favorite Tool

Start Cut

Cut Off

Leave Stud

I use a 1/32" cut-off wheel in my 1960's Craftsman hand grinder to cut off the bolt handle.
I leave about 3/8" stub on the bolt body.

Step Two - Prep parts with grinder.

Grind Lines

Outside Grind

Thin the lug

Lug thinned

Thin bolt at rear

Belt Sand

Remove metal from both the inside and outside of the bolt handle.
Grind a flat on the outside of the handle from the apex of the small top face to almost the ball.
Grind a flat on the inside of the handle from the sharp corner to almost the ball.
The width between the flats at the bolt body end should be about 5/16".
Thin down the rear of the bolt body lug. Grind it off level with the machined surface.
Grind down the rear of the bolt handle to the same width as the lug.
Belt sand the bolt faces for a nice appearance.
Belt sand the weld face on the bolt body lug to be parallel with the axis and square to the locking lugs.

Step Three - Bend the handle.




Grip the handle in a vise. Hold only the portion that will be welded back on.
Heat it with a torch. Warm up the ball first.
When red, bend using a channel lock type plier by gripping the ball.
Compare to a turn down bolt or a photo.

Step Four - Weld the handle back on.


Step Five - Dress the weld.


Step Six - Parkerize.